Al-Saffar among the 500 most influential muslims
Rasid - 23 / 11 / 2009 - 5:44 pm
Shaikh Hassan Al-Saffar
Shaikh Hassan Al-Saffar

A recent publication issued by the royal islamic strategic studies centre had a mong its 500 influential figure the name of Shaikh Hassan Al-Saffar as a Saudi Shi‘a reformist leader who has made significant progress in communicating with Salafi leaders and other senior officials in Saudi Arabia.

Georgetown University's The Prince Alwaleed Bin Talaal Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding and The Royal Islamic Strategic Studies Centre recently published its first edition of the 500 most influential Muslims 2009.

The rationale behind including Al-Saffar as sectarian tensions throughout the Muslim world have risen with the increased Sunni-Shi'a hostilities in Iraq.

The list included among its 50 important figures: King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz, Grand Ayatollah Sayyid Ali Husseini Sistani and Grand Ayatollah Hajj Sayyid Ali Khamenei.

The list also included Seyyed Hasan Seyyed Hasan and the Saudi activist Wajeha Al Huwaider.

The list described Al-Huwaider as a feminist author, poet, and journalist who is a staunch critic of Saudi policies in regards to women. The government banned her from all Saudi media in 2003, and since then she has led numerous high-profile human rights protests, especially concerning the ban on women driving.

The list also included several Saudi extremist clerics such as Sheikh Abdul Aziz Ibn Abdullah Al Sheikh and  Sheikh Abdul Rahman Al Sudais.

The complete publication is given in attachments.

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